Start from £250 but will vary on vehicle.

Please contact us for a quote.

Part Day - 3 to 5 hours


For £70 on any vehicle why not add a interior deep clean.

Ceramic Coating can be applied at additional cost.

  • Full wheel removal using trolley jacks and fixed axle stands

  • Full deep clean and decontaminating of wheel arches.

  • Wheels receive multiple stages of cleaning followed by decontamination. Tyres cleaned and dressed.

  • Full engine bay degrease through steaming and product application, followed by a final dressing bringing even more to life than just the engine.

  • Thorough pre-wash including traffic film remover and citrus infused snow foam wash.  Working more technical areas with a soft feathertip detailing brush.  Followed by a 2 bucket with grit guard and multiple wash mitts

  • Full car liquid decontamination, removing the sharpest iron filings and strong tar and glue removal.

  • Soft touch drying using soft drying towels and vehicle air blower.

  • Application of clay mitt along with a full IPA wipe down.

  • Windows cleaned and polished

  • Lastly finished off with a range of sealants and waxes on bodywork, wheels and windows.